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chinese words .png to svg

- bash script
- bad results for thin text in small image
- only output to color black
- Require potrace libpotrace0

Beware for copyright terms for font used,
Font preivew:
tested img:
file sizes: zh-list3.txt

Simply ./ input_png output input_svg.
Not recommand to convert $a -fuzz 10% -transparent white $o
7.3k png -> 6.1k svg, as transparent image would become inverted cutout.
Optimize svg file size with,
3.5k png -> 8.0k svg -> 4.0k svg

extract text from white subtitle in video, convert input_img -colorspace Gray -negate -gamma 40 out_png

text dump

# textcleaner:  
# pngcrush -reduce png file size -not tested  
# filter out tested  
mapfile -t rs < <(ls *svg|cut -d. -f1)  
mapfile -t tv < <(ls|grep -v ${rs[@]/#/-e }|grep -v png)  
for i in "${tv[@]}";do o='${i%.*}.png'; convert $i $o;../ $o;done  
#o=$(echo ${i%.*}.png|tr ' ' '_') # replace space with underscore  
ls >filelist.txt; sed -i '/^filelist/d'  

# crop out borders, remove 30px right side  
convert $a -gravity Center -crop 83%\! -gravity East -chop 30x0 $o  

# x1 y2, x2 y2 > x y : 105 361, 1907 1021 > 1802 660  
convert $a -gravity center -crop 1802x660+0+0\! +repage $o  
# huge gap in image > use gimp. Use fred script to cleanup image.  
./shadowhighlight -sa 60 -ha 60 -ma 70  $o hclean.png  
e="-g -e normalize -s 5 -T -u -t 2 -f 15 -o 6"  
./textcleaner $e hclean.png hclean2.png  

du -ach . #list file size and total, human readable  
cat filelist.txt| cut -d. -f1|uniq|while read i;do du -ach "$i"*;done > listSize.txt;  
# read file, find line exclude 'svg'. Get width and height  
cat filelist.txt| grep -v svg| while read i;do identify -ping -format '%wx%h' "$i";echo '';done > listWH.txt;  
# check line number, need to be same  
cat listSize.txt |grep -nEv 'total|svg'|wc -l; #27  
cat listWH.txt|wc -l #27  
# read file, find line and line number exclude 'total' or 'svg'.  
mapfile -t rs < <(cat listSize.txt |grep -nEv 'total|svg'|cut -d: -f1);  
cp listSize.txt listsz2.txt  

# join a file line by line to another file by line numbers  
line=0;for i in "${rs[@]}";do line=$((line+1)); WH=$(cat listWH.txt|awk "NR==$line");sed -i $i"s/$/ $WH/" listsz2.txt;done  
#echo $i $WH;done #debug  

#sed -i '/.svg/ s/$/ -/' listsz2;sed -i "/total/{G;}" listsz2  
# add dash to line contain 'svg'  
sed -i '/.svg/ s/$/ -/' listsz2.txt  
# rearrange output to column, add newline after line contain 'total'  
cat listsz2.txt |awk '{print $1,$3,$2}'|column -t|sed '/total/{G;}' > list2.txt;  

# manually convert svg to png using gimp ... x-images  
# move some files to folder  
mv `ls vert|cut -d. -f1|uniq|sed 's/$/*/'` vert/  

convert x1.png x2.png x3.png \  
\( x4.png x5.png -gravity center -extent 1024x \) \  
-append -resize 70% zh-list.jpg  

svg to png ref:
online converter
need inkscape
need librsvg2-bin
Chinese name gen.