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android apk: naked browser
For old android phone user, from 2013~ish, stucks with vendor's un-upadated stock version will need to turnoff javascript for decent web browsering experience. I'm using 1.0 build 124.

For google search, there's an noscript version, Regular google can work w/out js too. Or consider using bing or startpage.
Add that as the search engine. Many site would shows page does not exist message when js is off. It's possible to see ads in search result, just beware. Search temp to list local temperature and forcast. Click on image result will enter the domain, not direct image source.

old. or i.reddit, wiki, imdb works. imgur, stackoverflow may not work. Playing gif can crash the browser. Direct cache view link on google search result no longer exist, maybe due to recent XSS fix. And blank hotlink image frame on neo. Similar: Put cache: or relate: infront of url would not work in the app.

Xvideos doesn't work, recent change also broke scraper sites. Others play in native html player, download links/button may open application chooser. MX player works for me.

In settings, Tab caching threshold sets to 3 is about right. Choose to see bookmarks and recent history in newtab from Home and start pages.

The interface is well thoughtout compare to other browser I've tested.