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agronomics in taiwan

Council of Agriculture seems corrupted. Frequent shows footage of crying farmer on tv news to justify the raise of price. Conspire to raise the price, rather than control the market. Or the fact, selling to neighbour country yields better profit. Therefore, lower the supply and increase the price for locals.

It's usually cheaper in traditional outdoor supermarket than instore. Vegetables are alot cheaper than meat. Could be the lack of financial incentive, land, technology, right climate or manpower to achieve same level as western country.
Seafood doesn't fare well either, share the common issue as above. Resulting in few major incident where food manufacturer adds toxic ingredient, use for industrial purpose, inside consumer food products to lower the cost. GMS abusive used in food stands and store alike are common to induce drowsiness. May shares the cause for malnutrition, high blood pressure, dialysis.

May 03, 2019