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b12: disclaimer, squat toilet, ff ram, ios, unity webplayer, greasy strangler, manga mad, rss.

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  • High memory w/ css changing opacity on top of svg turbulence animation. Run poorly on phone, a video would be better fit. Copied from
  • Yet another sine related p5js sketch. Not great, but there's something different for me. Battery pushing 45c/115F is not good for phone. Probably do better w/ web worker or values in array.
  • xfce 4.12 transitions to gtk3.
  • Convert vtt subtitle to LRC, remove duplicate lines. $ffmpeg -i 'filename.en.vtt' 'file.lrc'; awk -F']' '!seen[$2]++' 'file.lrc' > 'file-2.lrc'. Or using blank line as delimiter?

  • Went out for a fart. Heard a beaver size rabbit carrying a grocery basket hopping through the parking lot. Denied entry at the elevator. Didn't gave up, holding that open button until people started chasing it.
  • Drinks in box shape, pouring cap side on top avoid splashback. nice
  • Read about dairy goat milk.

  • firefox reader mode shortcut Ctrl-Alt-R.
    • Wrong about the memory usage on some sites or issue w/ my config, slow at over 3gb. In about:memory?verbose, click Minimize memory
  • On ios, long press spacebar for cursor navigation. Double tap home button, not press, to lower the screen., type in Safari address bar and select 'find text' in page at the bottom.
    In reader mode, 2 finger swipe down from top might start screen reading.
    Manual closing app doesn't save battery, but most games restart anyway.
    Turn off smart punchuation to type double hypen --.

  • voodoo programming.
  • Running satanic.exe, smokes comes out the monitor and break apart comically. Meme man space warp, short drop to the desk. Human chest turns into fishs' fin, leaking out curry sauce.
  • At least shenmeu 3 aint got that sex doll texture.
  • fps game, BeGone Guerra, courtyard map for short burst rounds. Unity webplayer is deprecated.

  • On kanopy, The greasy strangler (2016) is a father son resolution horror comedy movie w/ Will Ferrell impersonator. 'Bullshit artist!' Spoiler::
  • Guy living w/ his dad had his first love stolen by his dad. He became greasy strangler just like his dad and kills that woman. Odd vibe and endig, some parts are slow. Scene which his dad stuck finger into man w/o the nose was gross.
  • Manga Mad (2008) 1hr doc of people looking at manga in public, focus on erotic theme.
    • Groundspatrol #17 podcast.
    • MMDcup, Bowservids what's in the bag, Madtv dragon hunter 2.
  • shrek technical goofs -3d rendering mishap bloopers reel,
    piercefilms production -miniatures and pratical effect interviews,
    troy the human powered shark submarine.

  • the mustards podcast. 2 episodes on tw titled taipei and why news is bad for us on 2018. About humid weather, tea, squat toilet. (((Bike theft and panhandler are common in some area. Not sure booze price comparison wise, bartending yt? 調酒 ooc. 素食, cooked vegan food mostly. Classic sweet: pineapple cake, 鮪魚糖 tuna candy, 黑糖糕 brown sugar cake. Other food vocabs 🔗 )))

  • In Summer. Couple runs to the clinic. Not a fan of hotpot buffet, but serving can be rather small in other places.
  • Garbage pickup 5 days a week. Once a big cockroach crawl out from below, having field trip. Another time a flying one in the shower, maybe imported and escaped from the pet store.

  • tifu BJ, b for blood by chipped jewelery. 'A lot of pressure was build up in that erect pp', '(Blood) spraying out of my pp shaft like a stuck pig'.
  • Goathead chimp troll push people off the cliff. 'How fantastic view this is. Enjoy your last time w/ gravity, humans. Bird up.'
  • A sumo 69 w/ his clone. 2nd sumo wearing cat woman outfit, 2 hair extension tape on the chest, in the background riding mechanical panada laughing in spanish, back n forth trying to whip open the wall full of gold plated bacon.
  • Ju5tin "If She Is Snoring, My Fingers Are Exploring" Carmica1
    "Find her in slumber and slam her with my lumber"
    "when she's asleep, im bouts' to creep"
    "If she’s snoozing, my virginity I’m loosing"
    "If there’s no grass on the playing field, flip her over and go mud runnin"
    "It's the nipporno way, the reluctant bait"
    "any hole is a goal"
  • rss feed in progress, jk