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fill adobe pdf with table forms in masterPdf 4

Got a pdf with tables to fill, qpdfview 0.4.14-1 and libreoffice-draw 1:6.0.1-1 didn't work. Only a message requiring Adobe Reader, which is available in MX repo.
Using master-pdf-editor 4.3.89, not the lastest 5.4.10, with some issues.

This pdf has +|- buttons to add rows to the table, which courrpts the pdf after 'save'. Tables' heading multiplies, extending pdf to 2 more pages. And don't click on button with url, masterpdf would disappear and all progress will be lost.
To avoid the problem with tables, unfortunately it can not be saved. Only print to
pdf file using cups-pdf. Edit in one go, use the right font, turn off field highlight at the end, since fields won't be edible after print. (cups-pdf showcase

After installed, make sure cups services are active with service --status-all |grep cups on MX linux. If not, service cups start;service cups-browsed start as root. Open Printer Settings to Add Generic-CUPS-PDF, right-click for properties to test export. Default output to PDF/ in home folder.

Testing print options, document only or with annotation etc. Check file size to make sure things are fine, too. The result pdf from print should be viewable in qpdfview and such.