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>=2.10.8, When focused in layers (ctrl+L). Shift + left/right arrow or -/+ to open/close folder.

Halftone/screentone: Apply filter on image. Filters> Distorts> Newsprint.

aline tool usage: offset to set spacing, chaining layers to move the same amount, grouping layers.

.gih, animated brush: Draws on layers, delete background, save to ~/.gimp-2.8/brushes/ as .gih file, save options: # of cells, ranks = total layers, select ranks (brush) behavior from dropdown. Refresh brush selection to see the change.

freaky detail: Increase fur strands contrast.

pixel art setup: set pencil hardness to 100 under tool options.

quick mask: After selection click on tiny square icon in bottom left canvas, beside horizontal scrollbar (or shift+q). Press the button again to apply selection.

mask for gradient blurriness: Duplicate image to apply blur, then add layer to blur layer. Check feather-edge, opactiy for soft transition.

older tutorial playlists: 2.8 and before by Jackson Bates

resized image options: resize interpolation, best in NoHalo/Sinc (2.10/2.8). None for pixel art.

displacement filter (old): change x,y displacement image, edge behavior to smear.

2.10.10 changelog article

Issues:: Ver 2.10.8, debain

Docking Brushes dialog to the top right side might cause gimp unable to maximize properly.
Typing chinese using ibus-pinyin is bad, with esc key often remove selected words and undo doesn't help.


2.10 thread
glow stick effect
aline spread (old)

script teamplate
making plugin tutorial playlist

# For 2.10 .py plugin replace LAYER_MODE_NORMAL to NORMAL_MODE for 2.8

Using python-fu requires gimp-python linux package for gimp-basic.

cell noise::

filter > (r)ender > N(o)ise > cell noise
voronoi-ish image: scale: 0.5, shape: 2.0, rank, iterations: 1, palettize
ice texture: rank: 3, iteration : 3~7

voronoi related
js examples:
audacity nyquist scripting:
js demo :
chinese, stores on map :